Top 10 Biggest Stadiums of the Netherlands

In this article, we will be exploring the top 10 largest stadiums in The Netherlands. These colossal structures not only showcase the country's love for the beautiful game but also speak to the nation's commitment to providing top-tier venues for football clubs, athletes, and sports enthusiasts alike. We will delve into details about the capacity of each stadium and learn about their construction timelines, giving you an in-depth understanding of these remarkable landmarks.

The top ten largest stadiums in The Netherlands are:

  1. Johan Cruijff Arena - 54,990
  2. De Kuip - 51,480
  3. Philips Stadion - 35,000
  4. Grolsch Veste - 30,205
  5. Abe Lenstra Stadion - 26,100
  6. Gelredome - 21,248
  7. Stadion Galgenwaard - 23,750
  8. Euroborg - 22,329
  9. Parkstad Limburg Stadion - 19,979
  10. AFAS Stadion - 17,023

Key Takeaways

  • The Netherlands is home to some of Europe's most impressive football stadiums
  • This article showcases the top 10 largest stadiums in the country, highlighting their capacities and construction years
  • These stadiums represent the nation's passion for football and commitment to providing high-quality sporting venues

Top 10 Largest Stadiums in The Netherlands

The Netherlands boasts a rich football history and impressive stadiums that reflect their love for the sport. In this section, we explore the top ten largest stadiums in the country, providing information about their capacity and the years they were built, maintaining a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone.

Johan Cruijff Arena

The Johan Cruijff Arena is the largest stadium in the Netherlands, with a seating capacity of 54,990. It was inaugurated in 1996 and is primarily known as the home of the famous football club, AFC Ajax. The Arena is named in honor of the legendary Dutch football player Johan Cruijff.

De Kuip

De Kuip, also known as Stadion Feijenoord, has a capacity of 51,480 and is the second-largest stadium in the Netherlands. It opened in 1937 and has been the home of Feyenoord Rotterdam ever since.

Philips Stadion

Situated in Eindhoven, the Philips Stadion has a capacity of 35,000. This stadium, home to PSV Eindhoven, was opened in 1910 and has been renovated multiple times to accommodate its growing fanbase.

Grolsch Veste

Grolsch Veste is located in Enschede and has a seating capacity of 30,205. The stadium opened in 1998 and is the home ground of FC Twente.

Abe Lenstra Stadion

Founded in 1994, the Abe Lenstra Stadion in Heerenveen can hold up to 26,100 supporters. SC Heerenveen calls this stadium their home.


Located in Arnhem, the Gelredome has a capacity of 21,248. Inaugurated in 1998, it serves as the home stadium for Vitesse Arnhem.

Stadion Galgenwaard

With a capacity of 23,750, Stadion Galgenwaard is situated in Utrecht. The stadium was built in 1936 and serves as the home ground for FC Utrecht.


Euroborg, home to FC Groningen, is located in Groningen and can accommodate up to 22,329 spectators. It was opened in 2006, making it one of the more modern stadiums in the country.

Parkstad Limburg Stadion

The Parkstad Limburg Stadion is situated in Kerkrade and has a seating capacity of 19,979. Built in 2000, it is the home to Roda JC Kerkrade.

AFAS Stadion

Lastly, the AFAS Stadion in Alkmaar has a capacity of 17,023. Opened in 2006, it serves as the home stadium for AZ Alkmaar.

August 8, 2023
Published: August 8, 2023