What types of protection masks are available for soccer players?

You have probably seen a soccer player wearing a mask during a soccer game on television. Previously, we explained why soccer players wear masks. In this blog we are going to talk about the different types of masks out there.

These are the types of masks for soccer players:
There are three different types of face masks for soccer players. One mask protects the nose, cheekbones, forehead and eye socket. The other mask protects exactly the same except for the forehead. Finally, there are variants that also protect a part of the jaw. 

When you read on, we will explain more about the three different types of masks. However, we also explain in this blog what a mask is made of, how it is made and what the mask protects against.

More information about the different types of protection masks

As you have already read, there are three different types of masks which are all very similar. Below you will find more information of the three types. 

Type 1. 
The mask most commonly worn is one that protects the nose, cheekbones and eye socket.

Type 2
This mask protects the nose, cheekbones, eye socket and forehead. 

Type 3.
This mask protects the nose, cheekbones, eye socket, forehead and part of the jaw. 

Small nuances
You now know that there are three different variants. For each variant, there may again be small nuances in the design. For example, there may be a difference in the color of the mask (some are even transparent). There may also be a difference in how thick the carbon or hard plastic is. 

What is a protection mask made of?

The mask is usually made of carbon which is also called carbon fiber. Carbon has the property of being very strong but also very light. This is the perfect combination since a soccer player does not want to carry too much extra weight for 90 minutes. 

In addition, attached to the mask is a strap and a buckle. This allows the player in question to fasten the mask to his head. There may also be no buckle attached to the strap. In this case, the strap sits tightly around the back of the head, thus keeping the mask in place. 

In some cases, a mask is still made of plastic. In this case, this is hard plastic. This material is cheaper than carbon but weighs more. Because weight is an important factor, almost no masks are made of hard plastic anymore.  

What parts of the face does a soccer mask protect?

The mask protects a number of parts in the face. These include:

  • Nose
  • Cheekbone
  • Forehead
  • Eye socket
  • Some masks protect part of the jaw

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How is a soccer mask made?

An important feature of the mask is that it must fit just right. After all, a soccer player should not be bothered by the mask during the match. 

To make a perfect mask, a scan of the face is first made with special technology. This is done with optical scanners or CBCT technology. By doing this, no one needs to touch the face with their hands. You want to limit this as much as possible since the player in question often has a fracture in the face. So this technique also ensures that there is no need to use plaster to make a mold of the face.

With the scan created, a mask can now be made from carbon fiber that has the exact shape of the player's face. Making the mask can be done either by hand or by machine. 

At the ends of the mask are two or four slits. This is where the strap is passed through which the player can attach the mask to his head. On the strap is a snap buckle that allows the player to take the mask on and off easily. 

More questions answered about the protection mask

Can you see everything clearly when wearing a protection mask?
During soccer, you can see everything clearly when wearing a mask. Because it is precisely sized, you won't be bothered by the parts around your eyes. 

For soccer players, it is an important requirement that they are not hindered during their game. 

Are players bothered by wearing a protection mask?
Players who wear a mask during a game are not bothered by it. As you have read above, players see everything just as well as when they are not wearing a mask. Because the mask is very light, they carry only a very small amount of extra weight. This is so little that it can be considered negligible.

What are other names for the protection mask?
This is how the mask can also be called:

  • Face mask
  • Soccer mask
  • Sports mask
  • Sports protection mask

Can goalkeepers also wear a protection mask?
Goalkeepers can wear a mask just like field players. They are often in even more danger during a game than field players. Some goalkeepers even wear the mask in combination with a helmet. 

Is the protection mask also worn in other sports?
A mask is not only worn in soccer. In other sports, such as rugby and field hockey, we regularly see players wearing masks. They wear them for the same reason. Namely that they can play sooner after they have sustained an injury in the face. 

Are there any other protections for soccer players?Besides this protection gear, there are many other protective equipment that a soccer player can wear. You can read more about that in our blog What protection does a soccer player wear?


Now you are familiar with all the different types of masks that can be worn during a soccer game. You also know what it is made of, how it is made and which parts of the face it protects. 

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January 21, 2023
Published: January 21, 2023